Friday, May 30, 2008



scientist, boy, superman


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

CA' of these days i'll do this book. but, these designs are still too out there for what i have in mind. too anime, even tho' im lookin at anime for inspiration. one thing i like is the intertwining fabrics, i just gotta simplify.

SKWERL....learning that classic animation style...been looking...okay watching alot of tom and, stuff never old.

PAW....the head piece is gonna go but i couldnt resist. the rest would probably stay for the cowboy book. im color testing this one so its in progress.

RYU....just watched a street fighter cartoon and bought back an oooold idea from my first 'superhero' comicbook. im gathering some idea's from that concept and bringin' back but i dont have any plans to do a book on 'em...just fun. plus im gonna finish coloring it.

Monday, May 19, 2008

animation...character design

...ive always been looking for my preronal style so i never actually practiced conventional animation style. like tom and jerry and bugs 'animation/cartoon' style has all really been 'graffiti' style, which really limits itself after a while. this weekend was an all out study of conventional animation..with my style. this week im goiong to continue studying this and tone my style down.

so like they say its back to the drawing board, but its really exciting for me because its an all new different approach to drawing, and i feel like its the first time drawing again..which is pretty neat.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

character design between projects, i do...projects. im back in the sketchbook practicing, anything and everything. im having a good time this time around since i got no projects or deadlines. this time its just for the love of drawing and im taking my time learning. usually im in a rush to learn things that i cant do or have problems with so the result is usually a temporay fix to something im not accustomed to drawing.

y'know i kinda forget why i draw since drawing isnt just a hobby at this point of my life. it was funner as a kid coz i just drew anything for the sake of drawing, without competition in mind or marketing or sales... i think its good to keep that in mind.